script english III

MC = Morning audience. In this time, we, Executive Body of Students will create special discussion about campus facilities. For this, we’ve invited 1st Vice Rector of IT Telkom and Chairman of Students dan Career Explorations...we know that many unsatisfied about campus facilities but we don’t know where should we tell that right. So, now all of audience can express your opinion about campus facilities. In this first session we will three topic.Ok, please for the first question

A = I’m. For the Mr. C, i will ask about Students Centre’ regulation. There’s list regulation but I see many violations such as disarray motors park area, some students smoke there, and there’re some Students Organization haven’t still had room in SC. How do you feel about the topic?
C = In my opinion, each user have to have awareness. But we, Rectorat Staff will visit SC suddenly for checking the SC’s situation.
B = Interuption. What do you mean by that?
C = I mean that we need to checking SC situation by ourself so that we can know student’s behavior there, Students Organization’s needs and so on.
D = I totally agree with Mr. C Opinion but you can tell about Sc’s problem direct to us. Trust us that we can help you
B = How about some Students Organization haven’t still had room in SC? I have idea that Rectorat make SC will be higher, I hope next year SC will have 3 floor.
D = I'm not sure I agree with you because our fund is too little for it.
C = I get it
B = But we know that student’s needs are increase, include we need larger SC. What you suggest for it?.
C = I suggest that notulention from this forum will be sent to Rector for Rectorat Discussion Special, I will struggle your idea but I can’t promise it will be happened soon.
B = Yes, that’s right. May I ask new question?
MC = Of course. Please B
B = Thank you. This is for Mr. D. I’m very worry about student’s healthy because there’s not any doctor or medical, even if our environtment’s still dirty, especially Alkil Street and Sukapunduh River.
A = I agree entirely because las week five my friends was sick because of insteril meal in canteen and they have no money to go to doctor.
MC = Please Mr. D,
D = I’m sorry to hear that, but that’s good critic, we need colaborate about student’s healthy. We will ask Volunteer Corps to provide drugs and suplements. Do you have any suggest?
A = If I were you, I will make clinic on campus and take doctor to work there.
C = That sound’s like good
B = May I add our suggestion?
MC = Our left time is just 3 minutes. So please
B = That’s so peachy if we create special event that each studetns, lecturer, and staff as participant clean whole of our campus and they are given cleaness information, especially to prevent ourself from disasea.
MC = Weww...that’s so briliant
A = I 100% agree with you. We also repair our trash.
C = D, your idea is so solutive. May you can create this plan.
D = Excuse me. A, I don’t undrstand about repair our trash. Why?
A = In other words, we should divide the kinds of sampah. Organic and anorganic sampah should we separate because they have each process itself
MC = I’m sorry, or this session is enough. We will return in second session. But, I think that Rectorat should serve special money for repair our campus facility for student’s satisfied. We’re all as user of campus faclities have to use them well.

A dan B sedang di kantin membicarakan nilai Alstrukdat yang belum keluar, lalu mereka bercerita tentang kondisi kelas lain yang banyak mahasiswa tidak lulus matakuliah ini.
Kemudian datanglah C menanyakan nilai Alstrukdat yang ternyata sudah keluar. Diceritakan pula hanya 3 yang dapet B tidak ada yang dapet A,lainnya didominasi CDE..
AB meuju papan nilai kemudia lemas begitu tahu mereka tidak dapat nilai baik di matkul tersebut.
Di situ ada pula D dan E. D ldapet B dan E dapet D. D kemudian mengajarkan beberapa trik di matkul tersebut. Akhirnya ABCE memutukan mengambil mata kuliah tersebut semester depan


MC= Ok audience. Welcome to Four Eyes. In this episode, i will discuss about relationship problem. I will call my guest stars, they are the best Indonesian vocal group, they are TANGGA

A= Hello MC
MC= Hello too, how are you?
C= We're fine
B= And you??
MC= I'm fine too,sit down please
D= Thank you

MC= TANGGA, we know that recently many teenagers are in private troubles, one of them is relationship problems, how do feel about the topic?
((asking opinion))
A= In my opinion, they should focus on their academic so that they don't need to think about relationship problems.
((giving opinion))
B= I totally with A's opinion
((strongly agreeing))
MC= What's your view?
((asking opinion))
C= I'm not sure I agree with you
D= What do you mean by that?
((asking clarifying))
C= In other words, that's not wrong if a boy like a girl and if they make relationship, it means they are ready to face problem with their relationship
D= i get it,
((understanding clarifying))
B= but we know that teenager's main task is studying, isn't it?
((lack n partly disagreing))
A= Yes, I agree entirely relationship problem will make teenagers in a pickle.
B= I worry if so much time that wasted by teenager to think about that, it will make their forget about their academic, religious activity.
((giving opinion))
A= Gotcha. Even it's impossible their relationship problem will make their friendship's broken.
((understanding n opinion))
MC= Why do u think that?Do u have exprience like that?
(asking clarifying))
A= I've been ever in that condition, so I recommended that focus to the academic
((clarifyng n giving suggestion))
C= Haha...I've been also ever in that condition but I could finish it by talk turkey about my feeling and she could understanding my position
D= So u 've ever in relationship problem, haven't u?
C= Yes, how about u(MC)?
MC= Hey hey...I'm MC, don't ask me now. It's your turn, my turn will we talk in behind
A,B= haha..
B= Hey C, so what do suggest for audince?
C= If I were u, I would to face whatever relationship problem because we can’t hide our feeling.
B= I don’t think so. Let’s focus to the academic.
A= Like this for B’s disagreeing.
D= But we can’t focus if our heart hide a special feel.

A= What if we stuck in that problem?
D= iI have solution
MC= OK D, save ur question. C, save ur answer. We will know about C’s solution after commercial break. Keep your channel, don't move and stay on FOUR EYES.

siapa A,B, C, D, n MC???cepetan daftar...dengan comen di bawah sini

Rincian pengeluaran Kegiatan Try Out UM IT Telkom 2009 adalah :
A. Kesekretariatan
No Keperluan Satuan Harga Satuan Jumlah
1. Alat tulis Rp 15.000,00
2. Kertas 1 rim Rp 30.000,00 Rp 30.000,00
3. Fotokopi Persuratan Rp 165.500,00
4. Tinta printer 2 buah Rp 50.000,00 Rp 50.000,00
5. Materai 15 buah Rp 6.000,00 Rp 90.000,00
6. Tinta stempel 1 buah Rp 5.000,00 Rp 5.000,00
JUMLAH Rp 355.500,00

B. Sie Acara
No Keperluan Ket Harga Satuan Jumlah
1. Soal dan LJK 500 buah Rp 3.000,00 Rp 1.500.000,00
2. Kunci Jawaban 500 buah Rp 500,00 Rp 250.000,00
3. Modul Tentor 25 buah Rp 2.000,00 Rp 50.000,00
4. Spidol 15 buah Rp 5.000,00 Rp 75.000,00
JUMLAH Rp 1.875.000,00

C. Sie Pendanaan & Sponsorship
No Keperluan Ket Harga Satuan Jumlah
1 Transportasi + pulsa - - Rp 300.000,00

D. Sie Perlengkapan, Dekorasi, dan Dokumentasi
No Keperluan Ket Harga Satuan Jumlah
1. Sewa tempat 1 buah Rp 250.000,00 Rp 250.000,00
2. Kaset Handycamp 1 buah Rp 40.000,00 Rp 40.000,00
3. Dekorasi 1 paket Rp 50.000,00
JUMLAH Rp 340.000,00

E. Sie Publikasi
No Keperluan Ket Harga Satuan Jumlah
1. pamflet dan brosur 75 buah Rp 3000,00 Rp 225.000,00
2 name tag 28 buah Rp 3000,00 Rp 84.000,00
3 Tiket 500 buah Rp 3000,00 Rp 1.500.000,00
4 Spanduk 3 buah Rp 150.000,00 Rp 450.000,00
5 Souvernir dan CD 500 buah Rp 4000,00 Rp 2.000.000,00
JUMLAH Rp 4.259.000,00

F. Sie Transportasi dan Perijinan
No Keperluan Ket Harga Satuan Jumlah
1. Transportasi - - Rp 100.000,00
2. Penjaga parkir 2 orang Rp 25.000,00 Rp 50.000,00
JUMLAH Rp 150.000,00

G. Sie Konsumsi
No Keperluan Ket Harga Satuan Jumlah
1. Snack + Soft drink 500 buah Rp 5.000,00 Rp 2.500.000,00
2. Konsumsi panitia 28 buah Rp 5.000,00 Rp 140.000,00
3. Konsumsi penjaga parkir + malam 12 buah Rp 5.000,00 Rp 60.000,00
4. Perkap Konsumsi - - Rp 20.000,00
JUMLAH Rp 2.720.000,00

Prediksi pengeluaran Try Out SMBB IT Telkom 2009
No Keperluan Jumlah
1 Kesekretariatan Rp 355.500,00
2. Sie Acara Rp 1.875.500,00
3. Sie Publikasi Rp 4.259.000,00
4. Sie Perlengkapan, Dekorasi dan Dokumentasi Rp 340.000,00
5. Sie Transportasi dan Perijinan Rp 150.000,00
6. Sie Konsumsi Rp 2.720.000,00
7. Sie Pendanaan dan Sponsorship Rp 300.000,00
TOTAL Rp 10.000.000,00

Prediksi Pemasukan Try Out SMBB IT TELKOM 2009
No Keperluan Jumlah
1. Bantuan dari IT Telkom Rp 2.000.000,00
2. Penjualan Tiket 500 buah @ Rp. 10.000,00 Rp 5.000.000,00
3. Sponsorship & donatur Rp 3.000.000,00
TOTAL Rp 10.000.000,00